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Published on August 20th, 2012 | by Andrea Perry


Elegance and Ritz, Top Notch Beauty Salons and Spas

What can we learn from Cesar Ritz?

Ritz is synonymous with quality. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, have a lustrous image and strive to make each of its locations uniquely luxurious.

Cesar Ritz is the genius behind transforming hotel living into an art. He developed his instincts for high-quality food and service, and his personal touch began to attract influential customers. Ritz focused on the happiness of his guest. He introduced private baths, indirect lighting, extraordinary attention to detail and mood. He introduced music to dining.  Ritz left Paris and worked for three years in resort restaurants and fashionable hotels in Nice, San Remo, Rome, Baden-Baden, and Vienna. Ritz was the restaurant manager at Rigi-Kulm, an Alpine hotel renowned for its location and cuisine, when he was informed one cold winter day that the heating plant had broken down and, at almost the same moment that a group of 40 wealthy Americans were to arrive soon for lunch. Ritz used creative thinking and ordered lunch to be served in the drawing room instead of the dining room–it looked warmer because of the large red curtains that framed the room. He directed the waiters to pour alcohol into large copper pots and then set them afire, and bricks were placed in the ovens. The room was warm when the Americans arrived, and each of them was given a brick wrapped in flannel to warm their feet. By the end of the meal, which started with a peppery hot consommé and ended with flaming crêpes Suzette, the guests were gushing with praise for the young manager.

Ritzy Spa

What can we learn from Mr Cesar Ritz? Quality and attention to every last detail is imperative. Staging is absolutely necessary to thrive and develop a professional reputation. Quality is not just about your salon and the ambiance you create. Quality is about everything – the way you speak, dress, listen, learn, perform your treatments, and deal with your staff.  Quality does not necessarily equate to expense. Quality is about being creative and giving careful attention to everything. Do not settle for mediocrity; stand out a Unique spa and the best choice. Be synonymous with quality and sophistication. Quality means striving to do our best. It is a highly sought after attitude and reputation.

It was Ritz who originated the phrase, “The customer is always right.”  For Ritz, no detail was too small and no request too big if it meant satisfying a customer.  Ritz decided to pursue a dream he had had for years–to open a hotel of his own that would be the epitome of elegance. The Ritz Hotel, built in Paris on the Place Vendôme, opened for business in 1898. Furnishings were exquisite and service meticulous to the last detail – soft rugs, gilded mirrors, glittering chandeliers, oversized bathtubs, and vials of perfume,  champagne and superb cuisine.

He attended to lighting, staging, temperature, cleanliness, and aroma – thereby creating ambience that attracted guest with high standards. Ritz worked towards constant improvement on the luxury and elegance with an accent on grace, comfort and imaginative good taste.

The New York Ritz-Carlton remained faithful to César Ritz’s imperatives–pamper your guests with lavish surroundings and meticulous service.


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